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◆About copyright

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◆About trademark

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◆About exemption from responsibility

  • As to the information appeared on this website, our company does not take any responsibility for any trouble, loss, or damage due to the use of this website.
  • Our company might change or delete the structure of the website, the conditions for use, URL and the contents without advance announcement.
  • Moreover, we might suspend or stop running the website.Our company might change the Terms of service without advance announcement.

◆About prohibited items

In using this website, you are prohibited from taking actions below

  • Actions which interrupt the management of this website.
  • Actions which give or tend to give trouble, disadvantage, and damage to other users, third person or our company.
  • Actions which violate or tend to violate assets or privacy of other users, third person or our company.
  • Actions which offend or tend to offend against public order and decency.
  • Actions which violate or tend to violate the law, ordinance, or treatment.
  • Actions which our company considers inappropriate

◆About linked-site

  • As to the links from this website, they should be managed under the responsibility of the managers of websites of the link destination and we do not guarantee their contents at all. Moreover, we do not take any responsibility for any trouble or damage caused by using them.
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◆About Privacy

Our company respects personal information of customers and make an effort in privacy protection. For further detail, please check our company’s privacy policy.

A proper law

Interpretation and application of the terms of service are based on the law of Japan if there is no other specification.