Usage of this site, FAQ

Usage of this site

1Let's login first.

2Let's choose the level of Japanese.

Choose the level of Japanese you want to learn. Even if you can't read Japanese, there are seven
communicative levels from survival level phrases to the advanced level of N1. When your level goes up, the monkey's expression (Saru kun) changes. Let's enjoy learning Japanese with Saru kun.

3Let's choose the contents.

Choose a level, then choose the content.

4Let's watch an animation

After choosing the content, the animation will start. Let's learn Japanese pronunciation, characters and grammar while watching animation.

5Let's take a mini test

Let's take a mini test after watching this content. The mini test will be in Japanese with audio and illustration.
The mini test is not simply an exam but the percentage of questions answered correctly are displayed so you can retake the test until you get the correct answers.

Let's move on to next level when you master current level.
You can be a master of Japanese if you move up to N1 level.

 Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t log in this service.
We will reissue the password through the administrator. Please contact your administrator.
I can’t watch the contents.
We are very sorry, but you cannot watch this content with Firefox Quantum browser. Please watch the contents with other ones. (Google Chrome recommended)